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An artist's rendition of their nightmare of Weener-Hoozers.
Some attributes
First Earliest attack: 1954
Second Latest attack: 2008
Third Species: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Gender: Unknown
Fifth Alias: Side-ticklers (Canada).
Sixth Victims: Several, such as Samantha Jones, Aveda McCartney, and several others.

Weener-Hoozers, normally known in Canada as "Side-Ticklers[1]," is an (almost) supernatural[2] forearm that may stretch to impossible lengths[3], mainly known to grab its victims' sides and let go almost as soon as there is a reaction[4]. They were never actually imagined to be a sourceless arm, but as the times grew more modern and more people experienced hair-raising encounters with the Weener-Hoozer, imagined it to be a certain creature of some time that was mischief and trouble-making, almost as if a gremlin or troll. [5]Eventually many people in Canada were able to photograph ellusive images of the Weener-Hoozers, bringing their cameras with them and having them at the ready. The claimed reason for this was the police wanted to finalize the 'Weener-hoozer type' (as described in the New Yorker) phenomena that was interrupting normal life.[6]

The only known photograph that survived the harsh decades and generations was known as the "Side-Tickler Revelation"[7] (captioned by a Canadian photographer who seemed very keen to finally catch one), and in American the image is known as "Weener-Hoozers are revealed[8]." There was debate whether the picture was real or not, or whether it was even legit, while a few short months after that the photographer mysteriously disappeared. It was never known where he went, or if he got lost, and an investigation took place on the night of 2003 to find that he had been indeed abducted[9]. There were

An artist's rendition of a Weener-Hoozer that helped the boy describe what it looked like.

no ransom notes or any objects bearing more clues to who the abductor was. The photographer's friend made a controversy, originally based on the fact that the photographer was kidnapped by a Weener-Hoozer[10], concluding that Weener-Hoozers, whatever they were, didn't like to be photographed. The controversial theory was proved indeed true when a governor from America disbanded an investigation that went on for months, when the man was found in perfect condition was too shaken to give any information about what event had previously taken place, which thoroughly frustrated the police, as they were keen to finally stop a Weener-Hoozer dead in its tracks.[11]

In 2009[12] a disturbed child claimed to have seen one in his bed. He said, quote, "It looked like someone's hand reaching through the other side" and refused to give anymore information[13]. The child, now a young man, still refuses to give anymore information, like the photographer. This sparked an immediate conclusion, made and given out in a speech by the police[14], that Weener-Hoozers somehow erased their victims' memory from what they had previously seen, but only the times the people had a vivid image of a Weener-Hoozers' appearance in their mind. Another conclusion was made by the Canadian government, that theorized that Weener-Hoozers did not want to be ever discovered or stopped[15]. Canadians and Americans, now frightened at this realistic theory, had called police whenever Weener-Hoozers made a move.

A group in Canada who called themselves "No Side-Ticklers Allowed"[16] dedicated themselves to trapping a Weener-Hoozer and killing it, or catching one, but were never successful. At the time they organised they had received several calls from variating residents of Canada, ranging fruitlessly to America[17], and after six months of no success but a taunting legacy, disbanded. One of the members who started the group, Aveda McCartney[18], lived a legendary story that was told throughout Canada, sometimes used as a moral or fable, and spread to America. He claimed to have gotten hold of a Weener-Hoozer, before his memory of the event went blank. He aknowledged that it may have been a dream or vision. He also acknowledged that he himself could have had the rest of his memory of what had happened on that night erased. When aknowledging this possiblity he was slightly discouraged in further investigation and at the same time disappointed, wanting to give as much information to the Canadian police about a Weener-Hoozer as he could so they could stop them.[19]

Rodger Philips is the only known person who encountered a Weener-Hoozer and was able to tell the full story of the event[20]. He had gone missing half a week later and was never found again until a month later, and police and Canadian governors concluding disappointedly that he had been kidnapped[21] by a Weener-Hoozer. His written book of his encounter still lived throughout the years the Weener-Hoozers' activities progressed[22].

History of the NameEdit

A Canadian governor, claimed to have been attacked by a Weener-Hoozer himself, came up with the idea for "Side-Ticklers." He acknowledged that it was a very childish name, but it stuck and he went on with it.[23]

Meanwhile in America, a boy who had been attacked came up with the name "Weener-Hoozer," because of their odd appearance and behavior.[24]

Notable HistoryEdit

Intriguing DiscoveriesEdit

  • 2004, April 22 [29]
  • 2006, January 11 [30]

Earliest EncountersEdit

  • Apparently, the first encounter of a Weener-Hoozer wasn't very pretty: Steven Moores was unpacking his moving boxes and was pinched unpleasantly by something he never saw. [31]
  • Jistuce Novario, an imigrant from France, came to visit Canada one day and complained that he kept being pinched, and never knew what was pinching him. [32]

Vist page: List of Weener-Hoozer encounters


  1. There has been debate whether Weener-Hoozers should be renamed.
  2. Weener-Hoozers are concluded to have supernatural powers, due to their strange and mystic presence on the earth.
  3. Weener-Hoozers are concluded to have no bones whatsoever.
  4. In some other countries, because of this odd behavior of Weener-Hoozers, they are known as provokers.
  5. A special type of camera, created in Canada, the "SiTimage", an abbreviation for Side Tickler Imager, was made especially to photograph Weener-Hoozers.
  6. The first years Weener-Hoozers became popular, an odd atmosphere washed over Canada.
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  8. There are several names for the "Side Tickler Revelation" photograph.
  9. This conclusion startled many residents, as if Weener-Hoozers could kidnap, they could probably do more.
  10. How could a Weener-Hoozer kidnap someone if they are but an arm?
  11. Frightened residents were angry at this.
  12. This was not the only Weener-Hoozer activity that took place in 2009.
  13. It seems that Weener-Hoozers have a technique to not be caught. Police haven't figured out this technique.
  14. A conference was held in 1999 due to the lack of tolerence with Weener-Hoozers.
  15. Only once a Weener-Hoozer was stopped and caught, but the catcher was several injured and bruised.
  16. Visit page: No Side-Ticklers Allowed.
  17. Some Canadians were truly sorry that they could not help the Americans.
  18. Supposedly Aveda still lives today.
  19. This inspired the deflating idea that Weener-Hoozers would never be caught.
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  22. 2000 was the year recorded for the most hostile Weener-Hoozer activity yet.
  23. Many residents disagreed with the Government, coming up with their own Weener-Hoozer names.
  24. Though it was such a laughable name, it, for some reason, stuck.
  25. Samantha Jones survived a fatal ambush from a Weener-Hoozer
  26. Aveda McCartney announced that the "No Side-Ticklers Allowed" group was officially disbanding.
  27. Weener-Hoozers activity died down a bit.
  28. The photographer that went missing was discovered by a search party, unharmed and undamaged.
  29. Gandaria Joshua discovered that Weener-Hoozers had (almost) supernatural powers, as they could erase their victims' memories of their encounters.
  30. Grandolard Decipha had increased the quality of his photographed Weener-Hoozer on Photoshop, to see an intriguing feature: Weener-Hoozers appeared to have scales.
  31. Steven never told his story until 1964, but it never became very popular until it happened to a friend of his.
  32. Jistuce didn't want to tell himself that it was just his imagination, because he was sure it wasn't.

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