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The No Side-Ticklers Allowed sign, 1964.

No Side-Ticklers Allowed was an organisation created by Aveda McCartney in 1988, sworn to protect Canada from upcoming Weener-Hoozer attacks that they predicted would rise in hostility[1]. The group was also patented by Samantha Jones, a well-known novelist and Weener-Hoozer survivor, and many other people who had encountered Weener-Hoozers. The organisation went on for a while, but due to lack of success, broke up. The organisation actually got back together in 2000, as just as they had predicted, Weener-Hoozers became much more hostile with several abductions, too[2]. The organisation was useless, as they never caught very many Weener-Hoozers, and would always show up late, giving the Weener-Hoozer time to escape.

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Aveda McCartney.

The organisation extended to 2005, when Aveda McCartney announced sadly the group was now officially disbanding. Two months later Aveda McCartney went missing, the authorities concluding that he had been indeed abducted by a Weener-Hoozer[3].

Although he never caught any Weener-Hoozers, he was remembered to be a brave hero that embarked on a daring task, but was never seen again[4]. Another member died from a fatal blow to the lungs, very much acknowledged that he was attacked by a Weener-Hoozer. With a tear in the lungs and two cracked ribs, he died painfully on his kitchen floor. The remaining members of "No Side-Ticklers Allowed" left Canada, obviously hoping to not suffer the same fate that Aveda McCartney and the other member did[5].


  1. Aveda even gave out a speech, which became very famous in Weener-Hoozer history
  2. Some of these abductions were of children, which thoroughly disturbed parents.
  3. Many people were depressed by this fact, as Aveda McCartney was a hero at that time.
  4. Several people embarked on a daring adventure to find McCartney, but they got lost too.
  5. Many Canadians "packed their bags" and left Canada to America, where Weener-Hoozers were less hostile in activity.

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